Neighbour Islands of Iceland

There are some other islands in the North Atlantic Ocean not far away from Iceland that are also worth a visit:


The shortest distance to Greenland is only about 280 kilometers. The most southern tip of Greenland is about 1,500 kilometers away from Reykjavik and can be reached by a two and a half hour flight from the icelandic capital. Tour operators offer miscellaneous trips to South and East Greenland. There are one day trips available to Kulusuk (East Greenland) as well as longer trips to Narsasuaq in the south.

Faroe Islands

The Faroes are a group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, about halfway from Iceland to Norway. Those who come to Iceland by the ferry Norröna of the faroese shipping company Smyril Line, also pass the archipelago of the Faroe Islands. The Icelandic airline Air Iceland also offers some flights and short trips starting from Reykjavik.


Isolated in the North Atlantic Ocean, the isle of Jan Mayen is located about 600 kilometers in the North of Iceland. Only some scientists live on the small volcanic island. However some cruise ships pass Jan Mayen in summer on their way from Iceland to Svalbard so that tourists can take a short look at the island. Jan Mayen and Svalbard are parts of the Kingdom of Norway.

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