Accomodation in Iceland

As in every other country in Iceland exists a huge variety of accommodations. You can choose from the luxurious inner-city hotel or the wild-camping site without sanitary facilities. Everything is possible. But in the end the choice of your accomodation depends on the way you travel and which activities you want to do. In Greater Reykjavík travellers usually stay in hotels or guesthouses. However in the highlands you normally have to stay on camping sites, backpacker’ hostels or one of the cottages of the Icelandic rambling club, because there are no other possibilities.

Hotel - hótels

In the area of the capital Reykjavík exist many hotels of different categories, but you have to mind the prices! The price level in Iceland is lucidly higher than the Middle European one. Often hotels of two or three-star category are extremally expensive. This is also applying for the hotels outside the capital area.

Farm holidays, Guesthouse - Veitingahús

Whereas private guest houses and taverns are the cheaper opportunity to stay in Iceland. Prices for an overnight stay are between 30€ and 60€ Euros per person. In the countryside it is favourable to stay in a backpacker’ hostel. This type of accomodation is the best solution for a low-cost trip. Youth hostels and Edda-hotels are as well relatively cheap. Edda-hotels are boarding schools which are closed during the summertime (June until end of August) and are used as summer-hotels.

Summer holiday house - Sumar hús

Holiday house
Holiday house in Grimsnes, South Iceland

If you want to stay quite a long time in the same area, but do not want to forego comfort should decide for renting a summer holiday house for a fee between 500 and 1,000 Euros per week. The average of those houses offers 2-3 bedrooms, a kitchen, shower/bathroom and living room with a TV. We would commend to rent a car, because most of the houses are remote. It is possible you have to pay a surcharge for towels or cleaning.

Camping - Viðlega

This is the most attractive and cheapest possibility to spend your holidays on the Atlantic island. Of course, only in spring-and summertime. There is the opportunity to camp in the pure nature. But you have to stay outside of National Parks and nature reserves. Besides, you have to be really careful about your behaviour in nature. There can be high fines if are not. On camping sites prices are relatively low: 10€ per person and tent.

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