Country and travel guide with information on Iceland - the Fire Island just beneath the Polar Circle amidst the North Atlantic Ocean.





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ELDEY.com provides a country guide, facts and travel information on Iceland as well as a guide to the main attractions of the country. Additionally this website features some useful information and web links for tourists. We also have assorted some recommendable on Iceland.

Please also visit our large picture gallery with more than 300 photos from Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands


Polarlichter in IslandIt’s one of the most famous sights in the winter saison: The beautiful norther lights! As the weather often is more steady in the north east of Iceland, the region at lake Myvatn is a good destination to see this attraction.

This is our new photo gallery with pictures of northern lights in south and north Iceland. weiter lesenmore







   Today in History - 2. July 2015:

Today's Highlights in Icelandic History, Birthdays and other events:

  • On this day in 2004, Thingvellir was officially added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

  • On 2nd july 1926 the former prime minister, Kristján Jónsson, died. He was the third prime minister of Iceland in the years 1911 and 1912.




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